Spotlight on St George’s Community Project

In Spotlight on by The Lawson Trust

St George’s Community Children’s Project

One of the organisations recently funded through The Lawson Endowment for Kent is St George’s Community Project, a wonderful example of how Kent Community Foundation connects The Lawson Trust to impactful grass roots organisations. Ellie Stewart, fundraising and development coordinator from St George’s explains what the project is all about.

“St George’s provides Ofsted ‘outstanding’ childcare to children aged 3 months to 12 years, no matter what their background or family circumstances. We’re the only nursery in Tunbridge Wells that offers childcare at a low cost or free of charge to families in need.

This vital service means we can support vulnerable children and parents who find themselves in desperate circumstances. This could be due to domestic abuse, physical or mental illness and financial hardship. While their children are safe in our care, parents have the space and time they need to improve their lives such as finding work or attending counselling sessions.”

For applicants based in Kent seeking grants of £5,000 and under we work in partnership with Kent Community Foundation, having set up the Lawson Endowment for Kent, to connect with causes local to Kent.

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